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8 Ways to Help You Win at Go Karting

8 Ways to Help You Win at Go Karting

No matter if you are racing against colleagues, strangers, or friends, you will always want to be first
across the finishing line. Go karting is an adrenaline filled activity that is fun and exciting for
everyone. Sometimes it helps to have picked up some tips and tricks before you step your feet onto
the track. With our experienced and fully qualified teams, we have put together some great ideas to
help put you in the lead when it comes to go karting.

Posture is Everything!

It may seem inconsequential to some, but your posture makes all the difference in how the kart
handles and how you can overtake competitors. Ensure you have your back against the seat and
resist the urge to lean so you are not prone to injury. This is also important when it comes to speed
so take your positioning seriously on the track.

Hand positioning on the wheel is Crucial.

No matter what your height or reach is you must have your hands mirrored symmetrically and
maintain a strong grip. This will give you more control when manoeuvring corners or overtaking as a
loose grip will impede your progress.

Speed is Key

This does not mean you should put the pedal to the metal around corners but maintaining
momentum by soft breaking will help keep your speed high. Doing this will reduce the risk of losing
speed and someone overtaking.

Aim Straight

Stay straight for as long as you can throughout the track. Unnecessary turning will increase your
overall distance and close the gap between you and a fellow go karter behind. Remember, the
longer you go straight will also help you reach top speeds on the straights.

Avoid Breaking While You Turn.

This will help avoid the kart spinning out in the corners and increase the momentum when going into
the straights. Make sure you plan your corners and break before entering the bends!

Think Strategically When Driving.

This means that you need to constantly adapt under pressure and plan when to make your big
moves. For example, tailgating a driver in front of you can be a great tactic to avoid slower drivers,
allowing you to work up the ranks and overtake at the opportune moment.

Envision the Racing Line.

In motorsports, drivers are aware of the racing line or simply ‘the line’ with the optimal path around
a racecourse. This line is not visible but can be learned. It makes use of the entire width of the track
and is commonly used in corners when entering from the outside, touching the apex, and then
exiting on the outside.

The Fastest Lap Wins.

It may seem like an obvious tip but most drivers only think about moving up in the ranks, but this
can sometimes be unwise. Some races are based on the fastest time lap so make sure you know what race you are in first.
So, those are our top tips to take away for a day of racing at Wildtracks. We have a 700m tarmac
circuit that is 10m wide, making it perfect for families as well as parties and corporate days to
overtake and play. We are located in Newmarket, close to the city of Cambridge and can offer an
afternoon of wild outdoor go karting, entertainment, activities and more! Contact our friendly teams
today to find out more.