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9 Exciting Corporate Team-Building Ideas

9 Exciting corporate team-building ideas


Team outings are a great way to build relationships in the office, reduces stress levels and improve the team dynamics in a department of the company. Finding something exciting to do that encompasses key skills and is enjoyable for everyone to bond over can seem like a daunting process in the beginning. However, the benefits, if executed correctly, will do wonders for your colleagues. 

The next time that you are planning an exciting and challenging day out for your team you should have these activities on the top of your list. 

1. Go Karting

If you are looking to unleash your colleagues’ competitive edge and see how they respond to pressure then go karting is definitely a top contender. This thrilling experience is a great opportunity to bond with your teams by interacting with them in a completely different way than you would do in the office. An adrenaline filled event that is fun yet thrilling and can inject a breath of life to the office, building stronger relationships and new perspectives. If you are new to karting then do not worry! Our go karting experiences are suitable for all ages and abilities so you can either race against your colleagues, daring to cut off their drive lines or breeze around the circuit placidly. No matter what your preference our tight turns, fast straights and wide tracks will be sure to give you a good time. 

2. Quad Biking 

Are you looking for a day out with a bit of difference that can get your heart pounding and test your adventurous side? Quad biking offers the perfect off-road thrill that is an exhilarating, dirt kicking experience for you and your teams to roam, race and explore. Spark your team’s curiosity and wonder with a range of circuits that have challenging terrains for all levels, allowing even your most timid employees to feel comfortable yet enjoy the thrilling benefits of quad biking. At WildTracks you will find that quad biking can also be combined with a variety of other wild activities so your teams can enjoy the endless fun of the outdoors. 

3. Archery/Cross Bow

Do you have a steady aim? Put your bow skills to the test and coup the rewards of competitive shooting. Archery is ideal for groups of all sizes, ages and abilities making it one of the perfect places to bring colleagues for team building, networking and conferences. It is a fun and easy way for you to do something different away from the office encompassing a number of skills such as hand-eye-coordination, ability to perform under pressure and focus. If you are not comfortable using a standard bow then the crossbow is a natural alternative that gives you the same thrilling experience. Whether you choose a full day of this activity or decide to combine it with a variety of other exhilarating experiences, your company can be fully assured that WildTracks will help you create the perfect day to cherish lots of fantastic memories.

4. 4X4 Off Roading

Buckle up for an adventure and master the terrain with our 4×4 Off Roading that offers a fun filled day out for all your teams to churn those wheels and rev your engines. Quickly grasp the skills of observation, planning and manoeuvring to embark on steep slopes, inclines and rutted tracks in this captivating off road experience. A challenging yet exciting activity for all the team to enjoy whether you are behind the wheel or supporting your fellow colleagues. Learn new complex skills no matter what your level of driving is as you will be in safe hands with our qualified trainers that sit with you and support you all the way. This is an excellent opportunity to discover your team’s skills in a completely new setting and have a laugh along the way.

5. Battlefield Live 

If you are looking for an exciting day out that is active and different then this should definitely be up there on your list! The battlefield live is a complete digital combat experience that uses the latest infra-red gaming guns so you can enjoy the competitive thrill of combat without getting hurt. Break the company up into teams and combine fun with team building by discussing tactics and plans to rush your opposing teams. Be sure to move quickly, once you have been shot a certain amount of times your gun will be deactivated and your time in the game will come to an end. 

6. Team Challenges

It can be tricky to find the right exercises that will tick all of your boxes. You may be searching for a day that can test certain key characteristics, uncovering areas for improvements whilst your staff have a great time away from the office. At WildTracks, our carefully selected team challenges aim to target the desired skills you have identified for your teams but in a fun way. You can split your company into groups that work towards finding a common goal which tests a variety of skills such as team work, communication and planning. All our events are completely bespoke and can be personalised to meet your desired outcome for the day, incorporating activities that are both challenging and enjoyable in the outdoor world. 

7. Clay Shooting

Clay pigeon shooting is an exhilarating and entertaining sport that tests your hand-eye coordination. It is a popular countryside activity that will definitely get your adrenaline pumping, get you laughing and having fun with all your colleagues. Whether you are looking to work together in a relaxed setting or split into groups for a challenge, WildTracks is more than happy to accommodate your needs to enable you to enjoy your day to the max. You do not have to be an experienced shooter for this activity, our fully trained instructors are equipped to provide guidance and support so you can focus on having a good time and become confident with a shotgun. 

8. Blindfold Driving 

How much do you trust your coworkers? This is a little bit of a step up from simple trust-falls. The blindfold driving experience is designed to push trust and communication to the limits as well as test your driving skills in this ultimate challenging and intense off-road activity. Your senses will be elevated and your listening skills will be paramount as your team guides you through the muddy and uneven terrain. This is an excellent opportunity to test communication skills, planning and the ability to listen to instructions all within a fun and safe place. Our fully qualified instructors will sit in to safeguard you and your teams, giving you peace of mind while enjoying your unique day.