WildTracks Offroad, Activity Park, Chippenham Road, Kennett, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 7QJ


Airgun target shooting is one of the most popular shooting sports in England. Although airgun target shooting is largely enjoyed as a competitive activity, at WildTracks we take the fun to the next level with hard-to-hit targets, ranging from the traditional bulls eye to the classic tin can! 

An Airgun experience is a great entry to field sports and, being lighter than shotguns, are  easier to aim at the target and more accessible to a wider range of users,  from age 14 and above. Airgun target shooting is best enjoyed as as group, so why not round up family and friends and head on over. 

Airgun shooting is a fun and exciting way to learn new skills and test your accuracy, whether you’re a total novice or a seasoned pro, we can guarantee you’ll have an exhilarating day and, if you’ve never done it before you may discover a new talent. 

Airgun shooting can be done as a stand alone activity or part of a package, making it ideal for birthday or stag and hen parties.

The activity begins with a safety demonstration, after which your instructor will guide you through your experience and ensure you have a fun and enjoyable  and safe day. Airgun target shooting starts at £25pp including tuition, all equipment, and 30 shots for a minimum of 5 participants.

We are located near Newmarket in Suffolk just off the A11 – ideally located if you live in or near the Cambridge, Norfolk or Norwich areas. If you are looking for a little extra training, our airgun target shooting lessons and training are ideal.

For any further enquiries, don’t hesitate to speak to our friendly team by calling us on 01638 751918.