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Quad Biking


Are you ready for an exhilarating quad biking experience?

Our quad biking sessions are run by a team of experienced experts who will ensure you feel safe at all times. With sand hill areas, dirt tracks, woodland humps and bumps plus a few water hazards and mud thrown in for good measure, you are guaranteed a great ride on our all-terrain quads! For a low-cost experience, quad biking is just as popular with children as it is with adults!

Quad Biking Statistics

WildTracks is known for its amazing off roading and quad biking is the way you really want to try the course out. Nothing feels better than ripping around on 4 wheels.

Different Areas
Quad bike sizes

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Types of Quad sessions and pricing

As the names says these sessions are for children and families,  you will ride on the training area where you will be tested on your skills and abilities and then progress on to the off road course once you have completed all training course challenges. 

If you are below 1.5m tall you will be put onto our Junior Bikes.  If you are on a Junior bike then you have to stay on the Junior course for your FIRST SESSION! This course still has many  obstacles to test your skills on the quad bike and still great fun for the younger ones. Once you have completed the training ground and your Instructor feels you have enough skills to move onto our adult novice route then you will receive a certificate that you must bring with you for your next session! However, if you don’t receive a certificate don’t worry as we will make sure our instructors will go through the training again on the next session and try to improve anything you need to improve on.  Family sessions are great fun but please be aware if you have someone on a junior bike then you will stay with them for the whole session on the junior course.

Who is this for?

Ideal for groups of kids or families wanting to enjoy quad biking together.

Age: Minimum 8 years old

15 minutes – £25pp
30 minutes – £45pp

Quad bikes
Junior quads are Suzuki 90cc 
Adult quads are Suzuki 250cc

Max group size
We allow a maximum of 8 riders on 4 junior bikes and 4 adult bikes

Start on the quad training area where you will be tested on your skills and abilities before adventuring out onto our challenging off road course, here is where the fun really starts with a variety of different terrains and obstacles that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and give you some memories to share. You will begin on the Blue route which is the easiest route and if the Instructor is confident with your ability on the bike they will upgrade you to the red route. This all depends on where the Instructor believes is the safest route for the whole group. 

Who is this for?
Quad biking is perfect for first timers and experienced riders, our course has challenges for all abilities, resulting in us seeing many returning customers.

Age: Minimum 14 years old and over 1.5m tall 

Quad bikes 
Adult quads are Suzuki 250cc

15 minutes – £25pp (taster session)
30 minutes – £45pp
45 minutes – £60pp

What we recommend
Although the 15 minute taster session is fun upgrading to a 30 minute or 45 minute session will have you trying out the off road course on a proper quad trek.
Want to see the entire course? then make sure to book the 45 minute session.

Max group size
We allow a maximum of 8 riders – for bigger groups book multiple sessions

Quad Bike FAQ's

Quad bike, ideal for the terrain we’ll encounter

A safety brief and instructions on how to drive the quads

An overview of what the route is likely to cover as this varies with the weather

A full 15, 30 or 45 minutes riding your quad over a variety of terrain and obstacles

Proper quad biking and multiple obstacles that tests your skills and ability

You’ll not be racing around in a field, if that’s what you want, we can’t offer you that!

You need to arrive 45 minute before your start time

You’ll be issued with a crash helmet and gloves, wear your own if you prefer.

You must wear long sleeve clothing & appropriate footwear, no open toed shoes or heels.

Overalls, Helmet and a Hair Net are provided. New gloves and Balaclava can be purchased at £2 each.

You must have your arms and legs covered.

Kids/Family sessions sessions are designed for children and families to quad together.

All other sessions are for adult quads only where the riders must be 14 years and above and 1.5m tall and above.

You will arrive 45 minutes before your booked session, you will then be booked in, kitted up and briefed before going out on our Quad Track for your booked session.

– Min age of 8  for Junior Quads and 1.3m tall

– Min age of 14  for Adult Quads and 1.5m tall

– Under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult

– Basic level of fitness

– Please make us aware of any previous      injuries or health issues that may impact your experience.

Our Address is: WildTracks Offroad, Activity Park, Chippenham Road, Kennett, Newmarket, Suffolk, CB8 7QJ

WildTracks is 3 miles north of Newmarket and 15 minutes from Cambridge. From London it is a 50 minute journey via the M11 to junction 9, then A14/A11, follow A11 to Norwich. Turn off onto the B1085 sign for Offroad Activity Park.