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Clay Target Shooting

Clay target shooting is an exhilarating and exciting sport for age 14+ and is suitable for the complete novice through to those with more experience. The perfect activity to enjoy with friends and family, clay target shooting is challenging and satisfying and allows you to discover new skills.   All parties are accompanied by a fully trained instructor who will pace and build the activity to suit you.

Even if you’ve never held a shotgun before, by the end of your session, you will feel confident in understanding how a shotgun works as well as how to hit a moving target. For a completely new experience and insight into this traditional country sport, clay target shooting is the perfect activity.

Book in as a group today (minimum 5 people), advance booking required.  Clay target shooting can also be an excellent part of your stag or hen party package, and makes an ideal gift for Birthdays, Christmases, or even a graduation.  Please call us on 01638 751 918 to book.