WildTracks Offroad, Activity Park, Chippenham Road, Kennett, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 7QJ

Off Road 4x4 Driving, Go Karting & Quad Biking Lessons & Training

At WildTracks in Suffolk, we offer a range of lessons and training courses for off road 4×4 driving, go karting and quad biking. With our team of experienced professional drivers, we also offer LANTRA awarded business and professional courses for off road driving, corrective training and, recovery and winching.

Our off road training is provided by well-qualified instructors with the relevant practical experience to provide you with the best training possible. Whether you’re a novice driver looking for their first lessons or an experienced individual wanting to brush up on their skills we have the right equipment, courses and lessons for you.

If you drive off road for any business purpose training is a legal requirement. The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) require all employers to provide their employees with the adequate training to make sure that 4×4 vehicles are only driven by those who have received the appropriate training in their safe use. This requirement still applies even if you are self-employed.

WildTracks also understands that training plays an important role in the improvement of driver safety, therefore reducing the likelihood of vehicle damage, subsequent costs, and consequent downtime, all of which are very important for businesses.

Successful candidates of the LANTRA award courses will receive a Certificate of Basic Training and a nationally recognised skills ID card confirming 4×4 competence. As well as driving technique the courses cover the health and safety aspects of 4×4 driving for staff and public. All the relevant techniques and procedures for local conditions are taught as standard so that you will feel comfortable and safe in any situation.

Our Newmarket activity park offers excellent, varied terrain comparable with off road terrain that you are likely to encounter in a professional setting. We aim to provide you with the most relevant training so that you are fully prepared outside of WildTracks.

We also offer lessons for go karting and quad biking, ensuring you are safe and well trained on the track. Our training always includes measures to ensure you remain safe during your drive but also learn how to deal with unexpected circumstances. Our go karting training provides you with fantastic skills and techniques for you to get the most out of your rides on the track. Quad biking lessons not only let you practice a fun and exciting activity but will let you explore a world of different techniques and driving skills.