WildTracks Offroad, Activity Park, Chippenham Road, Kennett, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 7QJ

Outdoor Go Karting, Quad Biking, Motocross & Off Road Driving near Essex

Want to put your driving skills to the test? There’s no better way than a visit to WildTracks where you can experience outdoor go karting, quad biking, motocross and off road driving! At our activity park near Essex, we host a 60-acre site with multiple tracks, allowing you try and test a range of our driving activities to the full extent.

For an exciting and exhilarating ride, try your hand at a lap or two around our off road 4×4 course or quad biking track. With a soil and clay ground you will be able to feel a range of different terrains as well as challenging obstacles such as deep water, steep inclines and steep declines. You’ll feel every bump in the road as you drive through our off road tracks making quad biking and 4×4 driving challenging but immensely satisfying! For an even more exciting ride, why not try driving blindfolded? Practice your communication skills and think on your feet while driving blindfolded with only one voice to guide you through our course.

Looking for a faster ride? Try go karting or motocross! WildTracks is known for having some of the best outdoor go karting and motocross tracks in the UK, making us the perfect place to try something new or simply practice a hobby.

Our 700m tarmac go karting track gives you plenty of space for overtaking, making every race and ride as thrilling and exciting as the next. Why not host a go karting party at WildTracks, we will organise one of our amazing outdoor go karting parties for you. Take part in the Sprint Race where you and your party will endure an intense qualifying round before racing for 80 minutes, or take part in the big Grand Prix for a bigger and more intense race!

Motocross enthusiasts will love our range of motocross tracks here at WildTracks near Essex. With a 1,500m sand track regularly updated and changed, a smaller track for building confidence and a track for beginners to put their moves to the test, motocross riders thrive at WildTracks, constantly improving and enjoying every step of the way.

Visit WildTracks near Essex this weekend for exciting and unforgettable driving experiences! For further information or bookings call our friendly team on 01638 751918.