WildTracks Offroad, Activity Park, Chippenham Road, Kennett, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 7QJ

Target, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Archery, & Battlefield Live near Essex

Good hand eye coordination? Put your skills to the test and try one of our shooting activities, clay pigeon target shooting, archery and battlefield live games are all available at our activity park near Essex. Practice precise target shooting or focus on speed and camouflage while shooting your opponents during a round of battlefield live. Whatever the activity, we truly believe you’ll have the best experience here at WildTracks.

A fun and enjoyable activity for all ages, archery can make for a brilliant day out with your family or friends or even as a party activity. You will be surprised how well you can hit the target with our fantastic equipment and expert guidance from our experienced onsite trainers. At WildTracks you can switch from archery and swap your bow and arrow for a shotgun and try your hand at clay pigeon shooting. Guided by our professional onsite instructors you will be able to experience this classic country sport for yourself whether you’re an experienced shooter or you’re trying it out for the first time. Clay pigeon shooting is a fantastic activity for all the family and a great chance to build on your skill set.

For a more fast-paced sport, take part in a battlefield live game for a real life movie experience. Complete with ex-military personnel, the battlefield live game is the closest to a real combat experience as possible. After being kitted out in our camouflage gear, you’ll begin the game using our sophisticated replica gaming guns with the look, feel, and sound of the real thing. Our guns do not fire projectiles but fire an infrared beam that once they hit the sensors attached to your kit, will knock you out of the game. Battlefield live is a great activity for all ages, and perfect for parties, corporate events, and stag dos! So what are you waiting for?! Round up some troops and head down to our activity park near Essex.

Enjoy these target shooting sports individually or together as part of a package! Call us now at WildTracks Essex on 01638 751918 for more information.